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Leather Paper and Mask Earrings


100% brand new product

Funny and cute, these miniature toilet paper rolls dangling from your ears will sure get too much attention and will open up topic for discussion! Make people smile without saying a word and bring humor all around you! Each was hand woven with seed beads and hang from a hand made gold tone metal worked hoop and ear wires. HAVE FUN!!!

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This listing is for a super cute and funny pair of toilet paper earrings! 

These Miniature cuties were handmade by us using leather and coated with uv resin for extra shine and protection.

This charm is very delicate, we make our creations the most durable possible, but if you try to bend it or put extra pressure it could break! So please handle with extra care!

*This is water resistant but we don't recommend taking showers or submerging in water.

*Keep it away from direct sunlight and store in a cool and dry place.

*These are handmade charms, so each of them might look a tiny bit different.

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